as blue as the sky


Just another hot day,although summer is over and it’s already rainy season back here but still the sun always manages to come up and looking at the sky it was all clear blue.


A bougainvilla plants growing tall and soaring high as if it want’s to touch the sky.



 A jet just passed by leaving a mark at the sky clearly visible for our eyes to see but slowly started to fade as it moves forward.


 Looking at some cloud formation.


An old television antenna.


A little maya bird resting for a while.


The skies reflection is still clearly visible.

3 thoughts on “as blue as the sky

  1. Hi~

    You have some nice compositions here. I like ‘Reflections’, ‘Clod Formation’, and ‘Tear Leaves’.

    Thank you for the attention you’ve given my work.


    Carl Atteniese

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