sun’s halo

**September 9,2012 – It was at middle of the day when my cousin ask me to look up at the sun,asking him why. What is it with the sun? It was not that easy to look directly at the sun with that kind of lights it will hurt your eyes. But because of curiosity I obliged and look up. And to my surprise what I saw this kind of a halo or a bright light circling around it (can’t decide the color of it because I really can’t look at it directly.) So I hurriedly get my camera and took some shot but my camera seems doesn’t work with me lights are bursting and couldn’t get a good shot. Desperate to get a good shot I used my cellphone (Samsung GT S3653 W) instead and I was overwhelmed and satisfied with the outcome which the photo’s I posted above.

Below are the photo’s I captured using my camera.

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