Do What Makes You Happy

Hey guys it’s been ages since i haven’t posted anything in here. Been caught up with many things in life.Been struggling actually for no reason but i guess it’s normal. For a while i just stop doing what I love which actually taking photos. For a while I’ve lost my motivation and interest in taking photos and doing things I used to love and enjoy. I struggled looking for what I really want and I just keep over thinking on the things and matter I can’t control. I couldn’t say that I have passed such staged but we all have to move forward and life has to go on. Don’t let things you can’t control run your life because by doing such your taking away your own happiness. You are depriving yourself and it was only you who can help you get through with it. I don’t know if I make sense but just keep doing what you love,don’t give up the things that makes you happy.

And this what actually I’m doing. I try to get back in what I love as a hobby and what makes me happy.

Hopefully by this I maybe able to get myself back on track again. Thank you. Will be posting here again more often.🙃