Been interested in photography i guess ever since but never really focuses on that interest not until now. I always remember my friends telling me I’m a photo addict because every time I had camera on my hand i just point and shot at blank. I really don’t care if my shoot was good or not I just enjoy taking photos whether it be people,place,flowers or anything I can see. I’m not a professional one and have to learn so many things about photography before I’ll be one,no formal knowledge about it, but as of now I’ll just enjoy what I love to do and I read once that one rule in photography is to ENJOY it.

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you ENJOY every photos I post.




43 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Angela, nice to meet you.
    Your blog so beautiful… love it.
    Thanks for visiting and liking my photograph blog… 🙂
    Greeting from Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

  2. Lovely photos on your blog.. Thanks for dropping my blog 🙂 looking forward to more nature photos on ur blog..

  3. Hi! Thanks for liking my blog post. Your photography is amazing! And I love your concept of pursuing photography because you enjoy it. Very encouraging. I hope to see more of you photos soon!

  4. Hi Angela! Great to be visiting your site again! Thanks as well for liking some of my past posts “Big Fish”, “Snake Eyes”, “Thin Ice”, “Rosebud” and “Camel Cricket”. I always appreciate you stopping by. More to come! Take care.

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