October rain


**It seems that October will be another month wherein were gonna experience a lot of rain.Though the sun does come out once in a while still within the day we still experience rainfall whether be at day and worse at night. But I hope the rain will never be same as before wherein we experience heavy rainfall that causes flood. I do love rain but this last few years I get a little nervous every time the rain falls because you wanna experienced the same thing that had happened to you three years ago, almost losing everything you had because of heavy rain that causes massive flood hopefully it won’t happened again.

**The photo above was taken just this morning on my way to work. I love how those rain drops still manages to settled at the grass and how the grass manages to balance the rain drops.



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**Sept.9,2012 – It’s been a while since i visited our town, my place i called home. With a very short and quick visit (probably staying there for at least ten hours or so) but it’s worth my time. Escaping the buzz and noise of the city is really refreshing and relaxing and most specially  I was able to do what I love and like to do taking photos not that there is no interesting subject to captured back here in the city it’s just that my time was primarily occupied by my work. And some of those photos I captured was the one I previously posted entitled sun’s halo and the flowers I posted above which we called back here “ADELFA”. And I will be posting more of those photos in the next coming days. Hopefully you guys like it. 🙂

Oh My and Wow

Oh My and Wow for having one of my post recommended and recognized by Matthew Durr and featuring my blog on his blog which you guys can check.His blog is matthewdurrphotography.com/

To inspired a talented person like him who actually knows more way more about me about photography and related stuff is an honored.  Can’t thank him enough for such a kind gesture.

I’ve been following him and he’s been posting his great and beautiful photos on his blog and he also been posting a lot about lenses his reviews in detailed which I think is very helpful. Been learning a lot from him.

Do check out his blog. Have a nice day everyone.

Angela 🙂