when the sky changes it’s color




**From being blue and clear as a sea skies will dramatically changes it’s color when it’s time for the sun to set. Moment’s that we usually disregard and didn’t bother to notice. This is what I actually misses when I’m not home when I was busy with my work back at the city, so when I’m home I see to it that I make the most of observing how the skies changes as the dusk came in and the sun set.

early morning walk

sunrise back home (view form my window),with this kind of sunshine it is nice to have a very early morning walk

some grasses growing at the roadside

looking a little closer to appreciate it’s beauty a little more

flower of an aroma tree (acasia farnesiana-it’s numerous thorns distributed along it’s branches)

fluffy little white flowers

my little cousin (don angelo) having a little morning walk also and enjoying what the nature has to offer and playing with those goats

little don posing for the camera and the little goat walking away from us

hiding against the bush

found this pretty pink flower, the other one totally exposing herself while the last one was kinda bit shy hiding from the leaves

nice to see how the sun rays beams to the flowers and plants

the sun continued to rise and shine

**Nov.2,2012 – It’s the 2nd day of a long holiday weekend and what a way to start a day is to have an early morning walk. I posted some of the photos I took while walking around and hope that you enjoy it. 🙂