not the usual stuff


we bumped in to this guy who turns out to be having a little business with our mechanic and he was buying used oil from the delivery trucks

motorcycle service of our two delivery crew

**All of this was taken the last time I had what I called free time photo walk. I thought since I was out there might as well take photos of different subject just to break the usual norm. I hope you like it as you like my usual post. Thanks. 🙂

not impressed at all (breaking from the usual thing)

Imageoh the little boy was not really impressed (wondering what is it that he doesn’t approved)Image

**Breaking from the usual photo’s I have been posting since I haven’t been gone through hunting and capturing photos of flowers or plants,sunset or clouds,nature in particular because I was merely occupied by works and for the past weeks I was just having my normal routine going to work and then going back which sometimes get’s boring (but I should be thankful because I have worked). So I might post some photo’s that was just being saved in my computer,photo’s with different subject just like the photos above. Hopefully you guys like it to. Enjoy…