itsy bitsy not so tiny spider

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**Another photos I was able to capture during my very short visit home last Sept.9,2012.Getting up close with this spider. It’s the first time I saw this kind of spider it’s really different from the common one I always saw when I’m roaming and wandering out at our backyard. It’s long legs was kinda scary and I impressed how he was able to make his web.

15 thoughts on “itsy bitsy not so tiny spider

  1. What a coincidence seeing your post just now! I just got home from dropping the kids at school and after parking the car noticed a really big web with a big spider. I stopped and for the first time I think in my life, watched a spider spinning new sections of the web.
    It was going round the web with such precision connecting the new parts that were coming from its body onto the web with one of its legs.
    What amazed me even more is how it had managed to span the two feet or so from the top of my dustbin to the bush next to it to form the first part of the web??
    I wonder how in it’s tiny brain it has the ability to make this web to such incredible specification!
    Just one incredible thing in a huge world of wonders!!

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